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The Masters School For Creative Arts


The Masters School for the Arts has been a source of great encouragement in the Christian walk of my 7 year old daughter! She loves to dance and loves God! The rare jewel of having a place that combines these two loves is such a blessing for our family. The ministry by the school has complimented our training at home; and no doubt given God glory through its teaching and outreach to the community.

Our daughter still talks about the scriptures and Christian lessons she learned while attending Masters School for the Arts. It is a wonderful alternative for children wanting to learn dance and parents wanting to have a modest, God-honoring environment for them to do so.

In Him,

Shannon Mobley



I would like to take this opportunity to share with you about what The Master's School for Creative Arts has meant to our family. My daughter, Annie, has exhibited from a very young age, an interest in the Lord. She also has a creative spirit that loves to praise and worship Him. Dance was one of the things that she loves to do. But I was very concerned about how dance could be used in a way that glorifies God and not self.

My sister in Georgia told me about "praise and worship dance" and we started searching for a program like that in Greenville. We found it in the Master's School and we have been so pleased with the program. There is not another one like it in all of Greenville (and I have looked!).

Our family is so thankful to the Lord for providing Joanne and her leadership to shepherd little girls' hearts to follow the Lord and to praise Him in their dance. Annie has grown in her relationship in the Lord and in her love of the Scriptures through her dance class. She loves expressing her heart of worship in her dance!

The Master's School is for those believers who desire something different for their girls. It is not just a dance class--it is so much more--it is an incredible ministry! It provides an avenue of reaching young girls' hearts in a way that is unique and effective. We praise God for Joanne and the Master's School and we pray that God will to continue to use it to minister to young women.

May the Lord bless you all,

Cindy Hesselgrave



Dear Joanne,
I just wanted you to know how much the Masters School has enriched our lives. It is so refreshing to have a Christ centered group of dancers to let young children know that dancing to the Lord is a form of worship.

My daughter Aslan has grown so much this last year under your instruction. You are such a godly influence in these kids lives and this ministry is a blessing to the community. It is a ministry that is helping us to raise kids that know God and are able to make him known through dance.

Thank you for all that you have done and we pray that this ministry will continue to grow.

God Bless,
Stacy Harris



To: Joanne Brillant

Director, Master's School for Creative Arts

May we join our voice with the many who can attest to the ministry outreach value of the Master's School. We have seen our great-granddaughter, Kimberly Grace, grow in wisdom and stature from the teaching she received from her loving spirit-filled teachers. She is learning at a young age the immense value God places on expressive praise and worship. Kimberly now fully appreciates the value of worshipping in spirit and in truth. Each class session was based on a foundation of God's word.

We could not help but be impressed how Master's School "called" believers from many churches and made them one. We commend and salute you for that. This church community outreach is not unnoticed. This was particularly evident at the Dance Recital in May when the church was filled with family and friends, some not believers. Many obviously who greatly needed to be ministered to and hear of God's great love for them. This recital may have been one of the few ways they would hear and see God's word in action.

We hope that the Master's School for Creative Arts can continue and even expand its influence. We as parents appreciate what you have done in the past. We look forward to what can be done to advance the Kingdom through The Master's School. Kimberly has a younger sister who is already looking forward to her learning experience. This community needs more of what the Master's School has to offer.

May God bless you and prosper you.

Les and Kim Burnett



To: The Master's School,

When our daughter went to a local ballet company and school, we were shocked at the yearly performance. When the tap and jazz classes performed we thought we might be at a strip club. Many got up and left.

This is a great problem as our daughter has been taking dance since she was three, and is now 14. We've left many schools for this reason. Then we found the Master's School and Miss Joanne, as we call her. The dance moves are tasteful and the dancers always look modest. Our daughter has been shy in the past, but now is confident and knows that we can dance and have great times and Jesus is involved, and, approves. Not only do they dance, but there are Bible studies, and always prayer. As a Christian family, we see a great need for this in a dark and ever changing world.

We also have a 26 year old daughter, that is a single mother. She has not been walking with the Lord for many years. We invited her to the Master's School performance in May. She brought many homeless ladies from the Shepard's Gate. In the middle of the show she started to cry, and by that night, she rededicated her life to the Lord. She said that God used the music, words, and all the kids to convict her. We all had many tears that night. She is doing wonderful to this day. And her 3 year old, Daisy, my granddaughter will be going to dance class there in September. God uses many ways........

Our 14 year old daughter wants to be a Christian dance teacher someday. We are proud that she wants to serve Jesus. The possibilities are endless as all things are possible with God. We thank God for Mt. Zion's continued support for all God's children.

We bring unsaved people to all the performances and most are surprised that this is all about Jesus. Most, want to know how their kids can sign up! What a different and great way to share the Gospel of Christ. We only wish more churches would be available for this ministry.


Dirk and Debra Acree


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