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Register for any of our classes by Contacting the Director, Joanne Brillant at: themastersschool18@gmail.com or Register by Phone: 864-228-8486 and then complete the registration form below.

Upon registration by e mail or phone, you will then be put on the class list and given the mailing address to send your registration form and fee to. Your place in class will be tentative until we receive your registration form and fee. We ask that all registrations reach us by September 1st to ensure room in the classes. Thank You!

You will need to fill out a separate form for each class and each student. Please include a $10 registration fee per class/student with your check, made payable to Jami Crisman or Joanne Brillant. Please contact us for the address to mail the form and fee.

For Class Fees ~ Please visit our Class Schedule Page

Registration Form

Students Name________________________________________Age/Grade (as of 9/1/19)________________

Parent/Guardian’s Name____________________________________________________________________


City______________________________________________ State_______________ Zip_______________

Home Phone_____________________________________ Cell____________________________________

Email (Parent’s)___________________________________________________________________________

Name of Class ___________________________________________________________________________

Teachers Name _______________________________________Day/Time of Class______________________

To complete the form, Please initial all areas and sign below:

_________I have read and accept that I am required to give my teacher a 30 day notice if I intend to withdraw from their class. I agree to pay all tuition due during those 30 days.

________I understand that tuition is due the first class day of each month, after more than 1 week late, a charge of $10 will be added to the tuition for that month. I understand the fees and tuition payments are non-refundable.

______I accept any risk related to injury that could result from participating in classes held by The Master’s School For Creative Arts. I will not hold The Master's School for Creative Arts, Hope Chapel, or the Teachers, responsible for any such injury or harm should it occur.



Parent or Guardian Please Sign your Full Name and Date on the lines above. Thank You