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Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old, they shall not depart from it. (Prov. 22:6)


Wee Worship
This class is a fun time for 3 - 5 year olds to discover Godís creation, using movement and dance. They will learn to sing and dance the scriptures. They also begin ballet at this age.

Beginning Worship I
A foundational dance class from a biblical perspective, includes study in basic ballet, interpretive dance, sign language, ribbons, flags. This gives students a foundation and vocabulary to interpret songs, to be able to minister in the dance. This applies to the childrenís worship dance classes as well as the adults. Scripture memorization is also taught through coloring pages, dancing prayers and sign language.

Beginning Worship II This class covers the same material as Beginning Worship I only geared to a student who is a little older and has had a foundation in Beginning Worship I.

Intermediate Worship Dance Class
This Worship Dance Class has the same format and foundation as other Worship Dance classes. Each class is geared to the specific age level as well as skill level. They also learn to use props; ribbons, flags, and scarves to express their hearts to the Lord. This class has the opportunity to move up to the Intermediate Worship Team as they grow in the Lord and in their skill level.

Incorporating Ballet into our classes.....
Ballet is introduced in all of our classes even though we don't have a specific ballet class.We believe ballet is the foundation in all dance that we teach. Children are introduced to ballet within the limits of their immature anatomy and creativity is encouraged.

For the adults ballet is a wonderful low impact way to stretch tone and strengthen muscles while gaining poise and flexibly.

All of the ballet excercises will impart poise and grace, giving a firm foundation on which to build further training in other forms of Worship Dance.


Intermediate Worship Team With a foundation in dance and scripture, this class incorporates many forms of dance. These include, but are not limited to basic ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, sign language, lyrical/ interpretive, flags, and creative choreography.

The students in this class are given the opportunity to turn dance into outreach ministry. They have ministered on local Christian Television, retirement homes, and conferences.

These students have developed a foundation and vocabulary to interpret songs, enabling them to minister in the dance. This team is the prerequisite to the Advanced Ministry Team.

Advanced Ministry Team Advanced Ministry Team This ministry team is for older girls, who have a strong foundation in dance and the scriptures. The students in this class continue to learn many different styles of dance; including ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, lyrical/ interpretive, flags, and more challenging choreography. In order to participate on this team, the teachers will pray, evaluate, and determine the make-up of the class. Over the years they have ministered on local Christian television, retirement homes, and conferences. In the future we are looking forward to taking this team on the road to other states and countries.

Adult Worship Dance Classes These will be periodically offered. In this class adults can come and learn the foundations of dance in a non threatening atmosphere. This is an Interpretive worship class where we cover the things described above. So as we learn to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, we are truly set free to express our love through dance to the One who loves us! Please inquire by email if you are interested in an adult class.


All Worship Dance Classes Will have a Foundation in the Word, that will be taught every week in various forms; written, scripture memorization, dancing prayers/scriptures. As well as learning the bibilical foundation of dance.

It is our desire to see every student have the understanding that dance is the gift God has given them and it is to be used for His Glory.

We believe and teach that we have an Audience of One!