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About Us
We are a cooperative group of teachers who are dedicated to training and releasing students in their gifts in order to bring glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus.

The purpose of the cooperative is to unite teachers to be a support team in prayer as well as a creative think tank for presentations that will evangelize the lost and edify the Body of Christ.

We as teachers commit to maintain and grow in our personal relationship with the Lord, so we will have fresh spiritual manna for our students. Making the spiritual aspect of our training the very core of everything else we teach. Ultimately our goal will be to teach the students to use their gifts to minister to the Lord.

The Masterís School For Creative Arts is an Outreach of

The Worship Dancers Alliance

We have always believed in continued training, to be skilled in the gift God has given us, now God has Blessed us with the ability to do this on a weekly basis.

For more Information on The Masterís School For Creative Arts

Call Joanne at: 864-228-8486 or e-mail: Joanne

Call Jami at: 864-884-4852 or e-mail: Jami